27 July 2011

Remembering G's Quiet Book

Last weekend Mr O and I went to a rodeo where my dad was being honored. (Congratulations dad, we are all so proud of you!) At the rodeo, we met up with some of my family, including my nephew K and his 2 boys, G & L.

I don't get to see G & L much since they don't live near me.  That being the case, I wasn't surprised when they didn't remember who I was.  After K re-introduced us, I found that G has turned into quite a chatterbox.  He told me that he is 9 now and that L is 8.  As I was talking to G, I was reminded of a quiet book that I made for him around the time that L was born.  I have no idea if the quiet book still exists, other than in my memories and pictures, that is, but I thought that it might be fun to share some pictures of it on my blog.


As you can probably tell, I made good use of my Sizzix dies when I created the quiet book.  I also used, and sadly, abused my Bernina so much when I was sewing all of those painted pages together that I had to take it in for service!

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