09 June 2009

Becoming Mrs. O

Getting married for the first time as a 37-year old woman was not quite what I expected when I was dreaming about boys as a teenager. Back then I thought that I would go away to college, meet someone fantastic who would sweep me off my feet, marry me, and then work with me to start building a family of our own. I kind of took it for granted that Cupid would be more than anxious to set me on the road to married bliss before I reached 25. Well, I guess Cupid was overworked in the area where I went to college because he sure didn't have time for me then.

Once I hit the ripe old age of 30, I was certain that anytime two people got married a miracle had occurred. And I'm not talking about just a small miracle, I'm talking a MAJOR miracle, something more than what Cupid could handle on his own. This was something big that would require the help of Zeus and maybe even Hera as well. I mean seriously, anytime two people find each other, fall in love with each other, and are both ready to settle down and commit to each other at the same time, well that has higher power written all over it.

By the time another five years had passed I was certain that I wasn't going to get any help from Cupid, Zeus, Hera, or any other mythical god. I was almost sure that the marriage bus had passed my stop while I was tying my shoe or doing something else that was equally non-significant. I had almost given up hope...and that's when I met Mr. O, my future husband.

Now the purpose of this blog is not to relive my dating years...or rather lack-of-dating years to be more precise. The idea for this blog came to me a few weeks ago, right before I married Mr. O.  One day I was thinking about the changes that I would be making in my life as I moved from being Ms. T, a single woman who was getting a little long in the tooth, to Mrs. O, a 37-year old newlywed.  Now of course, one of the first changes that would come would be to take Mr. O’s name.  And truthfully, it was a little intimidating to realize that my actions would reflect upon my husband’s reputation.  And that got me thinking about what kind of person I wanted Mrs. O to be.  What would her hobbies be, what kind of activities would she enjoy with her husband, and how would she spend her time were just a few of the many questions that started swimming through my brain.  It was then that I decided to blog my journey of becoming Mrs.O.

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